Singers Bonnie Raitt and Don Henley and actor James Garner yesterday donated the final cash needed to temporarily block logging in a stand of ancient redwoods in northern California known as the “hole in the Headwaters.” The Sierra Club and the Environmental Protection Information Center filed suit in March to stop Pacific Lumber Co. from logging the 705-acre tract, which is surrounded by the Headwaters Reserve. On July 10, a judge ordered a temporary restraint on logging until the case is decided, but made the unusual stipulation that the plaintiffs post a bond of $250,000 to cover the company’s potential income losses if the enviros’ case fails. Though they managed to come up with the money, the enviros blasted the judge’s requirement . EPIC Executive Director Paul Mason: “A bonding requirement is a polluter’s wildest dream. It bars the courthouse doors to public-interest litigants by requiring them to be wealthy as well as right.”