Running has not escaped the ever-more-embracing tentacles of our friend Going Green. The past weekend’s New York City Marathon made efforts to improve eco-friendliness, and magazines Runner’s World and Running Times both highlighted greenness in recent editions. For its article, Running Times elicited advice from one Sarah K. Burkhalter. Oh hey, that’s me!

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Money quote:

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Rather than being puritanical and preachy, as I had feared, Burkhalter was full of simple, common-sense advice about running, guided by the same environmental ethos that underlies her take on other aspects of life: Do as much as you can without going insane.

Remember, it’s not worth going green if you’re going to half-ass it. Only the purists are the real winners: Those who run naked and don’t take showers. You must do as I say in that article, or you have sinned against both God and climate. Amen.