For just $100,000, this can be yours.

For just $100,000, this can be yours.

Have you always wanted to live in a geodesic dome, Buckminster Fuller’s famous efficient shelter structure? You haven’t? Well, there’s some good evidence that you’re right, because an Oklahoma man is offering a sum of $100,ooo to anyone willing to take his off his hands. Which can only mean that owning the thing is a pain in the ass somewhere beyond the realm of human comprehension.

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The dome, called the Gold Dome, is in Oklahoma City, and was once a branch of Citizen’s State Bank. A  man named David Box recently bought the dome and subsequently found it was a $2.5 million money pit. Wait. What’s $2.5 million minus $100,000? Oh. It’s a lot!

The building was constructed in 1958 and modeled after Fuller’s patented geodesic domes, interesting and revolutionary pieces of architecture designed as inexpensive, efficient homes, which unfortunately have no real-world utility since any dwelling with a roof no one can fix, no matter how cool, is totally fucking useless. The Gold Dome was going to be demolished in 2001 but then it was rescued. And now the dome is once again at risk.

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Locals’ best bad idea so far? Get local band The Flaming Lips to buy it. Yes, that is really their best idea. Unless you want to earn $100,000 to lose $2.5 million.