We’re on a quest to give your favorite celeb a fruit basket for supporting green causes. Here’s why you should vote for Olivia Munn.

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You may know Olyvia Munn as the brainy economics reporter in The Newsroom. She also worked alongside the Daily Show’s “sexy news bunny,” Samantha Bee, reporting on oil spills and other not-funny disasters. Or perhaps you noticed her in this great photo of a couple of elephants.

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Regardless, you might be surprised to learn that she not only plays a reporter on TV, but she’s playing one in real life, co-hosting the new Showtime documentary The Years of Living Dangerously. The esteemed Columbia Journalism Review calls her “a hidden journalist for a generation wary of reporters.”

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That’s right. She’s bringing the cause to the masses, putting the cool in the fight against coal — and the awesome in renewable energy.

She took off her pants for elephants. She’s cast her ballot for the planet. Now she needs your vote.

Quote: “Solar energy equals more jobs equals awesome.”

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