• 4.1 billion pounds of pesticides are used throughout the world each year
  • 30 times more pesticides are used today than were used in 1945
  • 30 percent of insecticides are believed to be carcinogenic
  • 60 percent of herbicides are believed to be carcinogenic
  • 90 percent of fungicides are believed to be carcinogenic
  • 23 of the 28 most commonly used pesticides are believed to be carcinogenic
  • an estimated 20,000 cancer deaths each year in the U.S. are caused by pesticide residues on food
  • an estimated 3.5 million cases of acute pesticide poisoning are caused each year in developing nations due to lack of protection during pesticide application
  • an estimated 900 plant and insect species have built up resistances to pesticides


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7 — National Academy of Sciences
8 — World Resources Institute
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