Bush plans nuke deal with Russia; G8 to spread nuclear power worldwide

On the eve of next weekend’s meeting of the G8 — where developed nations will unveil an ironically named “global energy security” plan that would expand nuclear-power technology across the globe — the U.S. will announce a deal with Russia that would allow broad cooperation between the two countries’ civilian nuclear industries. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been pushing hard for nuclear power: Under the G8 plan, he hopes to use his country’s nuclear expertise to mass-produce floating nuclear power plants on barges. Seriously. And under the deal with the U.S., Russia would be paid billions to store much of the world’s nuclear waste — especially comforting given the country’s solid nuclear security record. The G8 plan would resurrect fast breeder reactors, which don’t require as much uranium but produce highly fissile waste; thankfully, developing nations that receive the technology would have to promise not to use it for weaponry. Possibly even pinkie swear. We sure hope Iran and North Korea aren’t reading the newspapers.