World Trade Center Reconstruction Will Set New Eco-Friendly Standard

Reconstruction of New York City’s World Trade Center area — site of the 2001 terrorist attacks — is set to make a green splash as one of the largest eco-friendly building projects ever undertaken. Under environmental guidelines expected to be released today for public comment, new structures on the massive site (which will contain as much commercial space as the city of Indianapolis) would have, among other features, roofs that catch rainwater for use in toilets and in efficient cooling systems. The guidelines would also encourage builders to use renewable and recycled materials, recycle construction wastes, and use cleaner fuels in construction equipment and trucks. “We’re talking about building an environmentally sensitive city. That’s never been done before,” said Daniel Tishman, chair of a construction company doing work at the site. Enviros in the city plan to push for even higher standards than those laid out in the guidelines.