Grist in Outside

The piece on Grist in Outside magazine — which we mentioned here — is now online. You’ll want to read every last delicious word! And while you’re at it, enter their contest: send a funny Gristy headline for the piece to and win a two-year subscription.

One thing I wanted to say about it, now that the whole thing’s available:

The piece mainly focuses on Chip, and to a lesser extent me and Lisa. Conspicuously and unjustly absent is our other senior editor, Katharine Wroth, who is responsible for much of the humor that serves as the article’s theme. She makes the DG magic happen, wrangles Umbra, wrestles freelancers, will soon debut a green living section, and generally makes us all look funnier and smarter. She works out on the east coast now, and so perhaps her presence was missed by the on-site reporter, but she richly deserves her own shout-outs, so here they are: shout-outs, Frothy!

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That’s to say nothing of the sparkling Sarahs, super-intern Shep, eagle-eyed Tod(d), contributing writers Tom and Yolanda, the stellar stable of Gristmill contributors, and all those who never get their name in lights — tech folk, biz dev folk, marketing folk, etc. etc. Never mind the mini-chainsaw wielding goofball and the fat-ass urbanite at the top of this post: It’s a team sport, and with a team as small as ours, every player is crucial to flourishing, not to say sanity, not to say survival. So, uh … go team! And so forth.