The big political news of the day is Bush’s nomination of Henry M. Paulson Jr. as Treasury Secretary (ending an 18-month search for someone to occupy that thankless position). A couple of people have written to ask my take on this, so, uh … I wish I had one.

Via TP, Paulson is the chief executive of Goldman Sachs. He’s also chairman of the board of the Nature Conservancy. Goldman Sachs thinks we should do something about global warming (PDF). So does the Nature Conservancy. Clearly Paulson’s on board the Sanity Train on this issue, unlike his future employers. For this reason, he’s opposed by the wing nut lobby.

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The other strange thing about Paulson, in the context of Bush admin. officials, is that he is by all accounts competent and respected.

Anyway, wish I knew more, but there it is. A smart, competent, environmentally aware adult has somehow found his way into the administration (assuming he’s confirmed, which looks like a sure thing). We’ll see how long he lasts.

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(Sources tell me that this week’s Muckraker will be about Paulson — it shall answer all your questions!)