If you’re reading this, you probably spend a decent amount of time in front of your computer each day, hitting the refresh button in hopes there will be a new Gristmill post to light up your otherwise meaningless life. Now you can further your contribution to the world with a few more simple clicks, thanks to new software available at localcooling.com.

The program — which is not only free, but actually saves you money — optimizes your computer’s power consumption by using a more effective power-save mode. Considering we waste about 30 billion kilowatts of energy on computers we forget to shut down, seems like a fairly simple step to stemming your contribution to climate change. Don’t ask me the particulars of how it works, because I haven’t the bloggiest, sorry. You can probably ask them though.

Uniblue Labs, the designer and purveyor of this new product, claims that its 12,058 users have already saved 10,451.3 kilowatt hours — the equivalent of more than 5,000 gallons of gasoline!

The site also allows individual users, teams, and companies to compete with each other to be the most savingest. Shockingly, Uniblue is on top in the teams category. I think some friendly, climate-change-changing competition is in order.

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