If you associate poaching only with the cloud-shrouded mountains of Africa or the tropical forests of the Amazon, think again: Poachers are also taking a toll in North America. One recent victim was one of the last wild-born California condors, a female at least 30 years old and possessed of a nine-foot wingspan. The condor had produced a dozen offspring in captivity for the California Condor Recovery Program before being returned to the wild. Federal agents are offering a “substantial” reward for information leading to the conviction of the poacher. Meanwhile, another poacher killed “Mary,” a familiar grizzly bear who lived outside of a small town in Alberta, Canada. A few weeks later, one of her cubs was killed as well. In the last four years, 26 grizzlies have been found killed, and scientists think the true number is roughly double that — out of a population of less than 1,000 in Alberta. “At this rate, the species just can’t survive,” said Canadian bear expert Gord Stenhouse.