California Plans Sizeable Cuts to CO2 Emissions from Autos

California is moving right along with plans to cut carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles and hence make a dent in global warming. A regulation now being drafted will require new cars and light trucks sold in the state to emit less CO2 beginning in 2008, with a goal of cutting emissions some 30 percent by 2015, which means vehicles will have to become some 30 percent more fuel efficient. The California legislature in 2002 passed the first law in the U.S. aimed at reining in greenhouse-gas emissions from automobiles, and the regulation now being crafted will put that law into effect. Predictably, automakers aren’t happy about being told to produce more efficient cars and are likely to sue over the matter; the Bush administration may also mount a legal challenge. Enviros are expected to be supportive of the regulation, though some say it should go further.