Heifer International, a nonprofit that lets people make gifts of livestock to farmers in impoverished areas, gave a shout out to Grist in its March/April WorldArk magazine (albeit using .com in the web address).

Now, in the May/June issue, not only does Grist get a shout out with a correction in the letters column, but the whole issue is outstanding.

Here’s just a sample of the terrific content:

The cover story, Our Carbon Hoofprint, provides “a closer look at the indictment of the livestock industry.” Because Heifer uses livestock for small farmers to address poverty, the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization study “Livestock’s Long Shadow” presented a serious challenge to the organization — the finding that livestock is responsible for 20 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions probably created quite a stir in the organization.

The next article, “From the Farm to Your Table,” is a discussion of food miles.

The first article in the issue is an extended excerpt from the United Nations report “Water for Life Decade.” Excellent introduction to the challenges of providing clean water in a world of growing population and rampant industrialization.

A small article in the front of the magazine suggests “Send Old Electronics to the Boneyard,” with a description that should be irresistible to most readers here:

It’s part of the modern dilemma: what do you do with that old cell phone or outdated computer? Instead of throwing them into the trash, send them to MyBoneyard.com. They are licensed electronics recycler and guarantee to strip and permanently delete all personal information from your recycled product. It couldn’t be easier. Just register each product on their site and print a prepaid shipping label — they pay the shipping — for each item, then pack it up and send it off. When they receive your device, they inspect it and will even pay you for the device. The reward amount is added to a Visa debit card and sent to you.