A major denier group has started running falsehood-filled ads going after Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the conservative gamechanger who just made a climate bill likely.  As Media Matters explains in their ad fact check:

Using false oil industry talking points, the Big Oil funded American Energy Alliance produced an ad attacking Sen. Lindsey Graham for his willingness to work with Democrats on clean energy jobs legislation.  Contrary to the allegations made in the ad, legislation increasing our investment in clean energy technologies would create jobs in every state and help America become more energy independent, all for less than a quarter a day.

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Now Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP) are pushing back with their own ad:

The inside-the-beltway GOP and conservative leadership have strayed far from their original roots with their single-minded determination to stop all efforts to preserve a livable climate.  The photo and Goldwater quote above come from the REP website (as does the photo/quote below).  Here is REP’s news release that goes along with this ad:


Republicans for Environmental Protection began running television ads on October 30 across South Carolina supporting U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham for his strong leadership on energy and climate change.

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The group also plans to air radio ads as well.

The aid may be viewed by clicking here.

“REP applauds Senator Graham for setting a powerful example of conservative leadership,” REP Vice President for Government and Political Affairs David Jenkins said. “True conservatives take seriously the risks facing our country, and they take responsibility by supporting prudent measures to reduce those risks.”

REP believes that constructive Republican engagement will produce a better climate and energy bill than one produced by Democrats alone.

The ad features State Senator John Courson, a Columbia Republican representing Lexington and Richland Counties, who calls oil companies and other special interests on the carpet for their misleading ads attacking Senator Graham.

“We appreciate Senator Courson’s standing up for Senator Graham,” REP President Rob Sisson said. “Both of these outstanding leaders are patriots who have served our country with honor and understand what true conservatism is. They recognize the value of problem-solving over gridlock and of statesmanship over partisanship.”

“Senator Graham deserves enormous credit for stepping forward to solve real problems facing our nation and world. He correctly connects our national security, energy security and economic security with the need to protect our world for future generations,” said REP Vice President for Policy and Communications Jim DiPeso.

“We urge Republicans and Democrats to work together in good faith to frame balanced climate and energy legislation that a broad majority of Americans can support,” DiPeso added.

The ads are airing in the South Carolina media markets of Greenville-Spartanburg, Columbia, Charleston, and Florence-Myrtle Beach, and the Georgia media markets of Savannah and Augusta.

Kudos to REP for supporting Graham’s bipartisan efforts to address the twin issues of climate and energy security.

For more on the polluter-funded American Energy Alliance:

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