Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) and the state cabinet unanimously approved a plan yesterday to create the largest no-fishing zone in the U.S. The Tortugas Ecological Reserve, which lies 70 miles west of Key West and 140 miles from the mainland, came about after enviros, fishers, and scientists met for 10 years to discuss ways to protect the coral reefs and spawning grounds in the area. Greg DiDomenico, executive director of Monroe County Commercial Fishermen, said, “I can’t say everyone is overly thrilled with the Tortugas Reserve, but I can say the process was done correctly if we’re going to have to have marine reserves.” The vote added 77 square miles to an existing 74-square-mile no-fishing zone located in federal waters; the U.S. Interior Department still has on the table a plan to add 46 more square miles to the zone.