What with Inhofe capturing all the earth-fu**ing-lunatic attention on Gristmill of late, it’s been way too long since we pointed out the earth-fu**ing-lunacy of Rep. Richard "Dick" Pombo (R-Calif.). Let’s look around for some Pombo bashing, shall we?

Oh, look! Here’s some in the NYT:

In a little-noticed provision of the much-reviled Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act — which the House passed in June and the Senate will take up when Congress returns — Mr. Pombo lowered the royalty rate for oil shale from 12.5 percent to 1 percent. Should the day arrive when the price of shale oil becomes competitive, this could turn out to be an extraordinary giveaway of federal revenue (most oil shale lies under federal land) and a huge incentive to wreak environmental damage.

And here’s some more in Rolling Stone, which ranks Pombo the seventh worst Congressman (only seventh?):

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No member of Congress has worked harder to savage America’s natural resources than Pombo, a Stetson-wearing cattleman who ran for office after a nature trail was slated to run through his family’s 500-acre ranch. As chairman of the House Resources Committee, Pombo has waged a career-long campaign to abolish the Endangered Species Act, which he accuses of putting "rats and shellfish" before people. Last year he almost succeeded: His comically titled "Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act" would have phased out all protection for threatened wildlife by 2015. Pombo has also won passage of bills to eliminate habitat protections on 150 million acres of wilderness and to lift a quarter-century moratorium on offshore oil drilling.

Speaking of Rolling Stone, you really should check out the cover story this month: “The Worst Congress Ever.” You’re probably aware that this Congress is useless, but the details — the depth of venality, corruption, and laziness — are stunning. This country has truly gone astray.

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