Please Help Put an End to Our Silly, Sophomoric Grapefruit Fundraiser

Here’s a five-second reader survey for you: Should we change the name of the Daily Grist to the Daily Rind? No, no, we’re just kidding … but on this second-to-last day of the 2003 Grist Grapefruit Challenge, with daily rinds piling up around us, we hope you’ll help us commemorate the challenge in an even more important way — by giving to Grist. Whatever you can afford, we’ll deeply appreciate: $10, or $100, or $10,000 (hey, can’t blame our grapefruit-addled minds for dreaming). There are just two more business days left to help us hire a new editor. Right now, a mere five employees keep the whole Grist machine humming, delivering environmental news and views free of charge, most every workday of the year. It’s a tall order, and we’re all stretched pretty … thin. So please, this holiday season, give us the gift that will give right back to you: a new editor to help keep us sane and keep the news comin’.