You know that little rubber duckie in your bathroom? I always thought the little fella was sorta cute, nestled there between the shampoo and the loofa.

Well, it turns out the little ducky’s not so rubber after all — it’s plastic, namely the dreaded PVC. And it further turns out the bathroom is full of the stuff.

Today, the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice is launching a campaign to get Target to remove PVC from their stores. The background is, Target (apt name, eh?) has been dragging their heels, while others — even Wal*Mart — are actually beginning to get the endocrine disrupting nastiness out of their stores.

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I’m working on a story for Grist that is tangentially related to this campaign, so I’m off now to a demo which, I’m told, will feature a giant inflatable rubber duckie. More on that later …

In the meantime, check out the flash animation put together by Free Range Studios, the geniuses behind The Meatrix and other funny-but-scary tidbits I’m sure you’ve forwarded to all your friends.

For me, this one is extra scary: my bathroom looks uncomfortably like the one in the animation … except the soap has yet to rough up the shampoo.