Grist’s fair HQ of Seattle has revealed a new city slogan, posted prominently on top of the famous Space Needle. And that slogan, my friends?


As defined by Seattle’s Convention and Visitors Bureau:

adj. 1: Having the characteristics of a world-class metropolis within wild, beautiful natural surroundings. 2: A blending of clear skies and expansive water with a fast-paced city life.

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n. 1: One who respects the environment and lives a balanced lifestyle of urban and natural experiences. 2. Seattle.

Mmmmkay. First of all, “metrosexual” is so last year. Second of all, to some people, including myself, it’s not eliciting the response the tourism bureau hoped for (“Wow, it’s a city and it’s nature!”). One Pike Place Market vendor says, “How do you use that in a sentence? ‘Welcome to Metronatural.’ … It’s an airport where you can buy organic bananas.”

Yes, it beats See-@-L. But what doesn’t?

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