It can be tough to convince people to care about a giant fish that lurks in the deep, making only brief appearances to eat a surfer or chase you naked through your elementary school in a bizarre, hot-sauce-inspired nightmare. (Am I the only one who’s had that dream?) Sure, we kill 100 million sharks a year, but it’s hard to get worked up over losing a carnivorous fish that, if the Sci-Fi channel is to be believed, is out to kill every last cast member of Beverly Hills 90210. I mean, if those fish aren’t stopped, we’ll never get the Peach Pit 25th Anniversary Reunion we’ve all been dreaming of. (Come on 2019!!!)

But, according to Fin-Free, an organization seeking to end shark finning, if we don’t start protecting sharks now, we could lose something far more important:

Shark Week is in danger.

Shark biologist and photographer Rob Stewart created this video for the movement.

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Perhaps after watching Stewart’s stirring video of hammerheads backlit by tropical skies shimmering through the ocean’s surface, you remain unmoved. Maybe even the thought of hundreds of sharks strung across a miles-long fishing line of death, waiting for their fins to be severed so that they can be returned to the sea to die a slow and agonizing death, fails to tug at your heart strings. Even the knowledge that apex predators like sharks are essential to healthy ecosystems and that a billion people depend on those healthy oceans for food may leave you unswayed.

But leading scientists agree (I imagine) that Shark Week will be impossible without sharks.

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Are you ready to live in a world without Shark Week? If not, take the Fin-Free pledge.