I’m sure I’m the last kid on the ecoblogospheric block to point to this, but in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet: The massive Solar Tower project has found a home, in the Australian outback. If it really gets built — and it’s starting to look like it might just happen — this thing will truly be one of the wonders of the world. For one thing, at 3,280 feet, it will be nearly double as tall as the world’s current tallest structure, Canada’s CN Tower. At the base of the hollow cylidrical tower will be 25,000 acres of solar "skirt." The air under the skirt is heated by the sun and rises naturally through the tower, powering 32 wind turbines inside it. It will generate as much power as a small nuclear reactor — only it will be completely safe. The scale of the thing boggles the imagination. Check out this video artist’s rendering (wmv file). Wow.