There’s seems to be some confusion out there about exactly what happened in South Florida today, but as far as I can tell, some power lines went out at a substation, which caused a nuclear plant to automatically shut down, which caused power outages for upwards of 3 million people.

Nice grid.

I liked this headline: "Nuclear plant shutdown stops Florida." Somebody crank Florida back up again!

And also? The headline writers at DowJones need to talk to the reporters, because one or the other is confused. Headline: "Nuclear Plant Shutdown Causes Massive Florida Power Outages."

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First ‘graph:

A problem with the electrical grid in Florida caused power outages stretching from Miami up almost to Jacksonville that affected as many as 3 million people Tuesday and caused a nuclear plant to automatically shut down, officials with the state’s largest utility said.

Causality confusion. Where’s David Hume when you need him?