Citizens of East Liverpool, Ohio, are calling on Al Gore to make good on a 1992 campaign promise to crack down on a local hazardous waste incinerator, which is spewing lead, mercury, and dioxin into the air, just 1,100 feet from an elementary school and alongside the Ohio River. Activists concerned about the incinerator have been dogging Gore for years; earlier this year, the White House finally agreed to appoint a U.S. EPA ombudsman to make a recommendation on the issue, which is expected to be delivered before the election. Meanwhile, enviros are also unhappy that Gore has refused to take a stand on a controversial plan to build a commercial airport at an air force base less than 10 miles from the Florida Everglades. While many enviros are backing Gore in the presidential election, others are frustrated by the compromises he and the administration have made on environmental issues and are supporting Green Party nominee Ralph Nader.