So, it looks like Ford has lost to Corker in Tenn. That means there are three contested Senate seats left — Virginia, Montana, and Missouri — and Dems will have to win them all to take control of the Senate. Tester has an eight point lead in Montana, with about half precincts reporting. McCaskill has a narrow one-point lead over Talent in Missouri, with 81% of precincts reporting. Assuming those two squeak it out, it’s all going to come down to Virginia, which looks destined to go to a recount — right now Webb has an insanely narrow lead over Allen, around 1,500 votes.

It’s going to be quite a nail-biter.

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Update [2006-11-7 23:14:46 by David Roberts]: Via WM: The last contested statewide vote and recount in Virginia wasn’t resolved until Christmas. Oy.

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