WorldCarFans has caused a bit of a blog uproar by posting what it claims is a spec-ed out sketch of the 2008 Prius (larger version here).

According to Jalopnik, the new Prius will, depending on who you believe …

… have a turbo, a diesel engine, a plug-in feature, a rooftop solar panel, a methane recirculation system, a nuclear power plant, and will run on a combination of dish soap, chicken cutlets and the new Shins record.

But seriously, AutoBlogGreen says:

Expected to hit the road sometime in 2008, the third generation of the hybrid pioneer might have lithium-ion batteries, factory plug-in capability, a solar cell roof, all-wheel-drive, any combination of the above or even none of them.

For my part, I’ll be cheesed off if the new Prius doesn’t have lasers. Where are my frickin’ lasers?