The male members of the peacock spider species have something to show you. Here, get a little closer — they’re really tiny, about five millimeters long.

That flap you see there? That is for the laaadiez. These spider fellas use their colorful appendages to convince female peacock spiders to mate with them.

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Jurgen Otto

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Also, they do a little dance. Here you can see a few of these guys in action:

Would you sleep with them? I’d totally sleep with them.

Most of these pictures come from Jurgen Otto, an entomologist, who took up with the peacock spiders not because of their hot flaps but because he had nothing better to photograph:

The scientist says, “When I came to Sydney I was a bit bored because there wasn’t enough to photograph but now I don’t want to live anywhere else. I think it’s probably the most beautiful spider in the world.”

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They are quite handsome, if we do say so ourselves.