Ha. I claimed just below that policymakers are unusually open to climate and energy issues right now — and five seconds later I stumbled across a Reuters article: "Climate change catching voter attention around world.” To wit:

Mainstream parties in Germany, Britain, France, Canada, the United States and Austria believe tackling climate change is a vote winner while established Green parties in Germany and Austria are experiencing a renaissance.

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There’s huge interest and receptiveness to climate and energy issues right now — but, crucially, there are not yet entrenched "liberal" and "conservative" positions. It’s a free-for-all, a time of extraordinary flux and sensitivity.

That’s why I think it’s so crucial for greens, who have been thinking about this stuff for a long time, to speak up with a unified voice. We need to help shape the debate so the militaristic corporate fuckwits other side doesn’t regroup and come back with a watered down agenda that does nothing but blunt public pressure and delay the day of reckoning.

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It’s time to go on the offensive.