The climate just gets worse and worse, but at least life can get better for gay, lesbian, bi, and transgender youth. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has joined forces with sex columnist Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” Campaign and put out its own video, featuring LGBT employees.

Savage began the “It Gets Better” campaign in 2010 after a large number of suicides by LGBT youth. He made a video of himself and his ridiculously hot husband, Terry Miller, explaining, essentially, that life gets a lot better for LGBT youth once they grow up and get away from their families and move to a city where they can meet more than like two openly LGBT people. Over 200 videos were uploaded to YouTube in the first week of the initiative, and now, the It Gets Better Project has over 30,000 of them. Here is the EPA’s contribution, a nice piece of work, albeit with a kind of weird attempt at a recycling/gay metaphor:

As angry as we might get at the human race for fucking up the planet, it’s probably here to stay, so we need to care for it and make sure injustice and cruelty doesn’t slide under the radar. The EPA seems to get that.

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