The news that Bill Gates is stepping down from Microsoft to spend more time on his foundation, and that mega-financier Warren Buffet will be giving up to $31 billion of his personal fortune to said foundation, reminded me of something I saw in an interview with Gates last week, namely:

I know you’re concerned about global warming. Will the foundation become involved with that?

I’m already reading some books on energy and the environment, but I will read a lot more two years from now and think whether there’s something the foundation should do in those areas. The angle I’ll have when I’ll look at most things is, What about the 4 billion poorest people? What about energy and environmental issues for them?

I know his focus is going to remain on health and education, but even a fraction of the foundation’s resources could help immeasurably with the development of clean energy and leapfrogging strategies for developing nations. Here’s hoping.

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