I knew some cool stuff was going on down in San Francisco, but this report from Clean Edge is pretty amazing. Apparently, when mayor Gavin Newsom said last year that he wanted to implement Clean Edge’s recommendations, he wasn’t kidding. Joel Makower reports on the past year’s progress:

  • The Mayor has named a clean-tech manager, Jennifer Entine-Matz, to coordinate citywide clean-tech initiatives, market and execute San Francisco’s clean-tech business attraction strategy, and work with the new advisory council.

  • The Board of Supervisors last month approved a payroll tax exemption for qualified clean-tech companies doing business in San Francisco.

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  • Several city agencies are working to create a fast-track permitting program for new commercial buildings that meet the LEED green-building standards.

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  • The Mayor recently signed the Precautionary Purchasing Ordinance, which creates a comprehensive system for the city to identify, purchase, and use environmentally preferable products. San Francisco is the first city in the U.S. to adopt an ordinance of this kind.

There’s plenty more — check out Joel’s post and the report.

Looks like San Fran is on track to become the country’s greenest city, and Newsom is on track to become one of my political heroes.