1. String theory

    Determined to save the world’s corals by hook or by slip stitch, these crafty folk are re-creating the Great Barrier Reef with yarn. Will their barrier method work? We’re on pins and needles.

    Photo: Alyssa Gorelick via Flickr

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  2. China dolled

    This crackerjack artist takes broken, chipped, and otherwise unloved china and turns imperfections into art. But what would she do if she wasn’t such a clumsy dish washer?

    Photo: Courtesy Joana Meroz

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  3. Good night, slapendrijk tight!

    Those Netherlanders, always with the simple solutions. Need to grind your grain? Windmills. Get through the wet muck? Wooden shoes. Stop a flood? Finger in the dike. And now, one Dutch student is solving climate change (and getting rich) … by staying in bed.

    Photo: iStockphoto

  4. Roomba-ba black seep

    Oil spills are no match for this human-sized Roomba. It’ll zoomba through the gloomba far better than a broomba, saving wildlife from doomba faster than you can say bada-boomba.

  5. Advert effects

    Dear ad agencies of the world, why must you portray greenies as prostitute-hiring, adulterous murderers? As you can see from this TV spot, we are actually totally hip. Bright-color-wearing, techno-dancing, jean-ironing hip.

    Click to enlarge

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