1. Unfit to be tied

    Jimmy hats are one thing, but jimmy hair ties? Gross. It’s enough to make us want to pull our hair out — then take some ‘shrooms and clean up a beach.

  2. Oodles of fun

    Drawing a blank on how to bring your cartoons to life? Use your noodle to create a doodle — perhaps of a poodle? — and Lucymoose’ll stuff it with recycled fabric and return the whole kit and caboodle. Create a whole broodle, depending on your moodle.

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    Photo: lucymoose.com

  3. Radiation therapy

    This ceramic shelf puts the rad in radiator as it warms up your studio apartment while reheating your coffee, blueberry muffin, leftover pizza, hot toddy … you know, whatever gets you going in the morning.

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    Photo: Yanko Design

  4. Wear your hot on your sleeve

    Finally, somebody who understands what it’s like to be us. Thank you, Happy Bunny.

    Photo: ©blackjackinc.com

  5. To aerosol is human; to give thanks, divine

    Forget turkey and stuffing, cran-sauce and corn bread; we’re thankful for pancakes-in-a-can. Yes, organic pancakes-in-a-can. Which reminds us, we’ll probably be too ill to publish Grist List next week, so we’ll see ya in two.

    Photo: Batter Blaster