Playing hard-nosed Executive Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy, actor Sam Waterston has thrown the book at the bad guys for years on TV’s Law & Order.

Bad guys on boats and beaches better watch out now, too, because Waterston recently joined Oceana’s Ocean Council, a panel of academic, business, and philanthropic leaders who represent and support Oceana’s efforts on the global stage. Also on the Ocean Council are actors Pierce Brosnan and Kelsey Grammar.

We are very grateful for Sam’s help. He gets it. He has closely followed the drumbeat of scientific reports about the rapid depletion of life in our oceans. Everyone recognizes and trusts him. He will be a huge help in the fight to bring the world’s oceans back from the brink of irreversible collapse.

As big a fans as we are of Jack McCoy and Waterston, it turns out Sam is also a big fan of us: “The time to act is now, which is why I’m very happy to be working with an organization as effective as Oceana.”

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