I didn’t get to watch the Waxman hearings on politicization of climate science today, and the whole rest of my day is jam-packed with meetings (urgh), so I probably won’t be able to go back and watch the video (is it even online?). Thus, I shall farm out coverage:

Here’s the hearing web page, with all testimony linked; here’s an account from Chris Mooney, who was there; here’s a bit in Mother Jones‘ new blog The Blue Marble; here’s Pielke Jr.’s testimony on his own blog (where he compares me to Rush Limbaugh); here’s a post on HuffPo on how the White House CEQ is still withholding documents.

I’ll update with more coverage as it comes and as I’m able.

Update [2007-1-30 16:55:13 by David Roberts]: More from ThinkProgress (and more still, and more from Pielke Jr.

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