I am an impostor. Here I am writing a weekly car column, and I don’t even have a car. I don’t really know anything about cars. I can’t even be trusted on car color: I consistently refer to my parents’ “green Honda” despite unanimous opinion from all other viewers that it is, in fact, gray. You will be getting no in-depth analysis of hybrid technology from me, no this-engine-will-kick-that-engine’s-ass. Nope, this column will focus on, well, whatever car-related item tickles my fancy on Thursdays as I’m desperately throwing together putting the finishing touches on the Wheel Deal.

Today’s Wheel Deal is about community and love. Because even if you’re ambivalent about cars, you gotta love love.

HybridCenter.org, a project of the Union of Concerned Scientists, has launched the Earth Day Challenge — because what the environmental community needs is more challenges. Just kidding. Anyway, as concerned scientist Scott Nathanson says, “Ford might have Kermit to plug its Escape Hybrid, but we’ve got Bill Nye the Science Guy!” And he ain’t lyin’. Bill Nye is plugging the plug-ins like only an overdramatic science guy in a powder-blue coat can.

By the way, my brother’s friend’s mom used to clean Bill Nye the Science Guy’s house. True story. Would you like my autograph?

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Anyway, the Earth Day Challenge is cool. They’re trying to get 1,000 hybrid owners to send pictures and/or testimonials to the site by Earth Day (April 22). Hybrid-less individuals can participate as “hybrid enthusiasts.” Aww … feel the love!

Coming up next week: I don’t know yet, but you know it’ll be, um, super-duper awesome. If you’ve got a super-duper awesome idea, send me an email: emailE=(‘skraybill@’ + ‘grist.org’) document.write(‘‘ + emailE + ‘‘) . I’ll take “totally wicked” ideas too, but if your idea is merely “rad,” perhaps you should keep it to yourself.