Canada Considers Adopting California Vehicle Emissions Regulations

If automakers do not agree to improve the fuel efficiency of cars sold in Canada by 25 percent by 2010, the country will consider adopting California’s new law curbing carbon-dioxide emissions from automobiles, said Canada’s environment minister in a speech yesterday. Canada, unlike the U.S., signed the Kyoto Protocol in 2002, committing itself to strict targets on greenhouse gases. Automakers have complained that the Canadian targets are impractical, since they would bifurcate the North American market; in response, Canada is looking for state partners to “create a critical mass in the integrated North American market,” Environment Minister David Anderson said. Due to its history of smog problems, California is the only U.S. state allowed to write its own air-quality standards; other states are permitted to adopt California’s rules if they choose, and several northeastern states have. Automakers have said they will sue California to stop its CO2 law from going into effect.