FBI suspects eco-terrorism in latest case of something bad happening

Two months ago, eco-terrorists were suspected of starting fires that destroyed or damaged 26 homes under construction near sensitive wetlands in Maryland. Turns out there were no eco-terrorists involved. But those same non-involved eco-terrorists may have struck again! The latest victims are apartment complexes under construction in subdivisions outside of Sacramento, Calif., in which several homemade explosive devices have been found. The hypothetico-eco-terrorists have carried out three dastardly attacks in just the past month, killing … well, nobody, but starting one brief fire. At two of the sites, graffiti was found, reading “leave” and in one case “ELF,” secret code known only to members of the Earth Liberation Front, an organization of, you guessed it, eco-terrorists! “This is terrorism, plain and simple,” said the FBI’s Keith Slotter. “And even if someone’s target is property, not people, there is always the possibility of someone getting injured or killed.” Are your children safe?