Geoff Mackley is either more insane or more awesome than everybody else. This dude went 400 meters into an active volcano, on Hawaii’s Ambrym Island, where the temperature reached 1,150 degrees F. He did this ON PURPOSE. And stood next to a gigantic waterfall of lava.

It’s really, really beautiful:

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Because of those crazy heat suits that Mackley and Bradley Ambrose, his partner-in-insanity, wore, they were able to stay down there for 40 fricking minutes. Mackley says his motivation is “my passion for the natural world and in particular, nature in her most violent moods: erupting volcanoes, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes … the greatest show on earth.” But I’m pretty sure he was down there to destroy the One Ring. Or at least to act out the end of The Lord of the Rings … just once. Maybe twice.

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