A zoo in Siberia has bred the world’s first liliger — half lion, half half lion half tiger. Kiara’s father was a lion, and her mother was a liger, which is the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger bred for its skills in magic.

Here she is cuddling with her cat buddy:

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And here she is biting something on a table and her cat buddy is all “you’re gonna get in trouuuuuubllllllle”:

Ligers are freaky-big — in fact, they’re the biggest cat in the world, weighing up to 1,600 pounds and setting off all your Photoshop alarms when you see a photo. (Seriously, what the hell is this shit? CRAY.) Since Kiara is the first of her kind, we don’t know if she’ll be similarly overwhelming. Tiglons (female lion and male tiger) are sort of normal size for a big cat, but litigons (male lion and female tiglon) are big. Pumapards (puma and leopard) are extra-small. In conclusion, fucking “pumapards”? Really? This big cat crossbreeding thing is seriously getting out of hand.

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