Is this image from post-Katrina New Orleans? A burly American rescue team dispatched to Mexico?

No, it’s…

…Keene, New Hampshire, as seen yesterday by a photojournalist for The Boston Globe.

Heavy rains from midweek over the weekend — the remnants of Tropical Storm Tammy colliding with a cold front — soaked the U.S. Atlantic coast states from North Carolina to New England.  Towns have been isolated by flooding; hundreds have been displaced.

Southwestern New Hampshire’s been hit with the worst floods seen there in 25 years.  Part of Keene was submerged in up to 8 feet of water.  At least three are dead in the state and about 1,000 forced from their homes.  New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch (D) promptly got on a plane back from Europe to tend to his watersoaked constituency, declaring a state of emergency and sending 500 National Guard troops into the worst-hit areas on Sunday.

According to the Union Leader, the National Weather Service is warning of possible failures of earthen dams — the Highland Lake dam in Stoddard and the Warren Lake dam in eastern Alstead — and the rain’s just going to keep on coming.

I’m not saying global warming caused TS Tammy … but this is as much a picture into what that reality may look like as the most visionary science fiction speculation on the topic.