Two of the certified therapists at Washington’s Bellingham Health and Rehabilitation Center have an incredibly sweet deal — they only come in to work once a month, they never had to go to graduate school, they’re massively popular, and they get cool names like Marisco and N.H. Flight of the Eagle. That’s because, unlike the other therapists at the center, they are also llamas.

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Like 10,000 other animals (including 12 other llamas) across the country, Marisco and N.H. provide hugs and companionship to ailing and elderly patients. And it’s not all for the sake of hilarious photos like the ones above, and the others taken at Bellingham by photographer Jen Osborne. Hanging out with animals also lowers blood pressure, increases serotonin (which contributes to happiness), and just generally makes patients feel better about the world. The llamas probably don’t mind it either.

[vimeo 40660059]

BRB, just gotta go make a living will that stipulates that when I get old enough for a nursing home, I have to go to one with therapy llamas. Or sloths. I will accept sloths.

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