For all you moms out there who were thinking about joining the green moms, but didn’t … they’ve setup shop at a new location: queensofgreen.

For the uninitiated, here is what they’re about:

We in this yet-to-be-named group are dedicated to bringing together moms – the smartest, savviest, most flexible people we know – to take on the challenge of environmental issues. We believe every mom has something to contribute. For many, it is taking the first steps to limit toxins in the home. For others, it is the chance to take their passion out in the world to organize and lead. For all, it is about cleaning up the environmental legacy we leave to our children.

This is not a political forum, a religious platform, or a depressing review of global warming. Plenty of other well-organized groups are offering those opportunities (some of which are listed under Links). Instead, we bring community, idea-exchange, and support right to your (Energy Star?) computer. It’s a place to meet other like-minded moms, and to share your experiences or expertise. Most important, it’s a place to learn that we as mothers have the power to change the world for the better, starting in our own homes. Today the kitchen, tomorrow the world.

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Go join them!

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