Pretty sure I’m the last blogger on the block to mention this, but tune to HBO on Earth Day (April 22) for Too Hot Not to Handle, a special on global warming exec. produced by — who else? — Laurie David.

HBO has a hard-hitting interview with David on their site, with such incisive exchanges as this:

Laurie David: But here’s a basic thing: we all have cell phones now. Cell phones have a charger. Your charger is in the wall, and when you pull your cell phone out, everyone leaves the charger in the wall. No one is pulling that out. Well, that’s drawing energy, using energy and wasting it. This is something small which very few people realize. It’s the same thing with your toaster, and your blackberry, and your hairdryer. If it stays plugged into the wall, it’s pulling energy.

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HBO: Even if it’s not turned on?

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Laurie David: Even if it’s not turned on.

HBO: Wow.

Joe Trippi saw a screening of the film and came away extremely impressed. He’s got a longish preview on his site.

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