We don’t want get all panicky about the “non-toxic chemical deodorant” that spilled from household garbage into a river in China’s Guangdong province. After all, according to the Daily Mail, an almost-reputable source of news, “officials have now said the only threat posed by the foam … was the possibility of ‘one or two dead fish’ lurking in the bubbles.”

But what would you think if you saw a giant wall of doom-bubbles advancing on you down the river?


Or through the trees?


You would PANIC. Because this is the bubble apocalypse. It’s the dream of every child who ever enjoyed a bubble bath, gone horribly wrong. And even if the chemicals that caused this mess are “non-toxic” (which … well … let’s just say we don’t find Chinese officials’ say-so entirely sufficient), how much of this “deodorant” had to spill into the river to make this many bubbles?

A lot. That’s how much. A lot.