First: Engineer-Poet is right — somebody has way too much time on their hands.

Second: via Oil Drum, check out the collective efforts by Kossacks to develop "A Blueprint for U.S. Energy Security." They’re on their fourth draft, and it’s really shaping up into an impressive piece of work. I would quibble with a few details, and with the excessive focus on command-and-control regulation, but my one broad criticism is that they’ve ended up with a kind of melting pot of every single progressive energy idea on the planet.

As an exercise in visualization and planning, it’s great, but if this is going to be picked up as an actual proposal, it’s in dire need of some editing. Some tough choices need to be made. There’s no way, in today’s political climate — or any I can foresee — that this country is going to be able to process 20 major pieces of legislation all at once. Especially since for each one there’s going to be a major lobbying push against it by entrenched powers.

But regardless: Very nice work, and a rather inspiring example of grassroots collaboration. I’ll be following the progress.

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