An enviro group called ForestEthics has trained its sights on the Victoria’s Secret catalog, urging the company to make the shift to more eco-friendly paper and avoid fiber that comes from endangered forests. The real target is Victoria’s parent company, Limited Brands Inc. Limited Brands procures coated paper from an International Paper Co. plant near Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada, which ForestEthics charges has damaged surrounding forests and wildlife. “We’re exposing Victoria’s Dirty Secret, which is that the million catalogs that it mails a day are destroying some of the world’s last remaining old-growth forests and threatening endangered species,” said ForestEthics’ Tzeporah Berman. Limited Brands denies everything and claims to be environmentally sensitive, as does International Paper. Speaking of exposing, a Grist editor has volunteered to do further investigation into this vital story. He will report his results in a week. Maybe two weeks.

straight to the source: The Wall Street Journal, Christopher J. Chipello and Amy Merrick, 14 Oct 2004 (access ain’t free)