A lot of bad things are probably happening in the world today. But let’s ignore them right now and watch this video from a security camera of a three-legged dog, a German short-haired pointer named Oscar, walking into a supermarket in Invercargill, New Zealand, and stealing a package of dog food.

I love how they open with a glamor shot of Oscar, then go to him taking a romantic stroll through the fields, before they cut to the crime itself. I love the way once he’s got his dog food in his mouth and is on his way out he cuts that wide angle around that old couple. I love how they turn around and watch him go, like, “Oh, hmm … just an animal walking into a store and going straight to the dog food and carrying it out — no big deal.” I think Oscar would be a good school superintendent. He really knows how to get things done!

They say honey badger doesn’t give a fuck — well, honey badger has nothing on Oscar. In the video, the store owner wonders if he’s pulled this stunt before, and watching him at work, I’d have to guess yes, many times.

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