New Hampshire latest state to reduce mercury emissions

New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch is joining the ranks of state leaders taking mercury matters into their own hands. Yesterday, Lynch signed into law a bill that will cut mercury emissions from its power plant by at least 80 percent by 2013. One power plant! New Hampshire is so cute. Most of the lakes and rivers in the state are polluted by mercury, at levels among the highest in the nation. Disgruntled enviros (is there any other kind?) pushed for legislation to reduce emissions 90 percent by 2011, pointing out that Massachusetts is mandating an 85 percent reduction, and Connecticut 90 percent, both by 2009. They’re also not happy that the New Hampshire plant can bank mercury reductions over 80 percent as credits to offset sulfur dioxide emissions. Mercury, if you didn’t grok the last 405,283 times we wrote about it, causes brain damage and is especially dangerous to pregnant women and children.