You know when you see an AT&T commercial, or Terms of Endearment, or the final episode of Friends, and you cry, and you feel really stupid? Well, you don’t have to feel stupid crying at this video of a grown man nursing a bee back to health. Instead, you can cry and feel green. You can call up Al Gore and be all, “Hey, Al, this video? Of a grown man nursing a bee back to health? Feeding it honey by hand? And making a video of it? Is making me cry?” And you know what Al Gore will say to you? He will say, “Bro, I have used up a whole frickin’ box of Kleenex on this thing — no shame!” Anyway. Have you ever heard of anything so cute in your life? No, you have not.

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The grown man in question, whom we’re going to call Mark because his YouTube handle is MadMark99 and we’re guessing his name is not Mad or 99, found the bumblebee lying on its back in the road. He decided to revive it by feeding it honey out of the palm of his hand.

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It’s pretty awesome that this guy made a little movie of the whole thing, so that if we happen to have to save a bee in a similar manner we will have a template for doing so. There’s only one problem: The happy ending of the story is that the bee is cured and flies away. Better for the bee, better for the planet, sure. But wouldn’t it be cuter if the bee and the guy became best friends, and they got a two-seater bike, and they played flag football and gave toasts at each other’s weddings? Now that bees are getting super fucked by the environment, these sentimental portrayals in the media mean more than ever!