Over at Current TV, which is the new cable network that I’m obsessed with even though I don’t have cable, browsers of the online studio can find out if a video clip has made it on air. So this morning I was pleased to learn that part one of Earth Current “cody” did so.

Earth Current “cody” is a three part series of video shorts, produced by Dharma Dog Pictures, which introduces us to Cody Lundin, founder of Aboriginal Living Skills School and ACES Arizona Center for Environmental Sustainability. In part one, we get a tour of Cody’s home, which looks to me like a Hobbit hole in the middle of the desert. In fact we discover it is a eco-designed house.

Part two is an interview with Cody, formerly known as ABO DUDE, where get gems like “we don’t conserve until we’re down to the last roll of toilet paper” during conversations on global warming, sustainability, and conservation. According to Cody, what is going to get people to “shift” their behavior so that they make less of a footprint is “pain.” Not public-education campaigns, but pain. Ouch!

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In part three, we learn how one would make fire in a world without matches, lighters, and Swedish Firesteel. The moral of the story: We’ve lost touch with the basics of nature. (Yeah, but the Swedish Firesteel is so cool!)

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So head on over to Current TV, watch the clips, leave some comments, and greenlight parts two and three if you think they deserve to be on air.

And you can check out some other clips from Dharma Dog over at the Current TV studio, including one of my favorites, the Organic Rap.

Lastly, let us know in comments if Cody would make for an interesting InterActivist.

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